The Finals

We are so excited to invite your school to the Woburn Challenge 2018-19 on-site finals! 
The contest will be held on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the following (tentative) address:

BA-1210 (Bahen Centre for Information Technology)
University of Toronto - St. George Campus

40 St. George Street
Toronto, ON  M5S 2E4
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There will be a fee of $20 per school to cover food and other costs, which is to be paid the day of the contest. 
Each team is responsible for bringing its own laptop computer to use during the contest.



There will be over $1000 in prizes to be distributed, including prizes awarded by random draw! 
The distribution of prizes across will be announced at the beginning of the contest.



9:30 am to 10:00 am: Arrival & Setup (Please be on time!)
10:00 am to 10:30 am: Opening Statements and Rules
10:30 am: Contest Begins
1:30 pm: Contest Ends
1:30 pm to 2:00 pm: Pizza is Served!
2:00 pm to 2:30 pm: Closing Statements and Awards


General Format and rules

  • Each school may send up to 4 teams. Each team must have 2-3 students, except if a school is sending only one student - in which case he or she may compete alone or opt to be teamed up with students from other schools.

  • Each team will be limited to one computer for writing code and submitting solutions.

  • The contest will last for 3 hours, and will have 5 problems of approximately increasing difficulty.

  • Each team may submit proposed solutions to each problem as many times as it wishes. Each submission may receive partial points (specific scoring rules will depend on each problem), and only the highest-scoring submission will be counted. If multiple teams receive the same total score, ties will be broken based on the earliest submission time that the total score was obtained.

  • The contest will primarily consist of computer science problems that are algorithmic in nature. The style of the problems is very similar to that of the Canadian Computing Competition. For each problem, the competitor or team must write a program that reads data from standard input, process the data according to the problem statement, and print the answer to standard output. The program will be automatically run against test cases and given a score based on the correctness of the output.

  • Problem statements will be made available on the WCIPEG website ( at the beginning of each contest. Solutions must be submitted using the PEG Judge on the WCIPEG website and may be submitted at any time during the contest period. See the registration page for more instructions on using the online contest system.

  • Contestants and teams may submit solutions using any of the following programming languages: C, C++, Java 7, Python (2 and 3), Pascal, Ruby, Haskell, PHP, and Perl.

  • Time and memory limits for the execution of the program will be displayed on each problem statement page.

  • Printed references (books, handouts, etc.) are allowed. No digital aids (including discussion forums on the internet and previously written code) are permitted, except for language documentation (e.g. but not the forums).


Contest Divisions

  • For this year's finals, we will have 2 divisions.

  • Junior Division: This division is for students relatively new to computer programming, and will be somewhat harder than the junior division of the Canadian Computing Competition. Junior competitors should have started taking computer science courses and should be familiar with if-statements, loops, strings, and basic logic and math. It will have roughly the same difficulty as the intermediate division of this year's four online Woburn Challenge rounds.

  • Senior Division: This division is for experienced students who wish to be challenged. It will be as hard as or slightly harder than the senior division of the Canadian Computing Competition. Senior competitors should be well-acquainted with some more advanced techniques, algorithms, and data structures. Experience with concepts such as recursion, trees, geometry, dynamic programming, and graph theory will be useful for Senior division problems. It will have roughly the same difficulty as the senior division of this year's four online Woburn Challenge rounds.


What to bring?

  • $20 registration fee in cash for the whole school

  • Each team is responsible for bringing their own laptop computer and charger to use for the contest

  • Additional mice, keyboards, pen, and paper (allowed but not required)

  • Your phenomenal programming prowess





See you there, and good luck!