Round 2 Problems, Solutions and Results are Available!

Thank to all of you who took part in round 2, new and returning competitors alike! Problems, solutions, and test data are now available in the "Past Contests" section of this site. With our experience from the previous contest, we’ve rounded out the edges to make this one much smoother for everyone involved. We hope you enjoyed the Star Wars themed storylines that were prepared in tribute to the imminent release of The Force Awakens. While the film's plot remains to be unveiled, we dare say that we’ve at least tried our hands at some bold forecasting in problems J4 and S4.

The senior division prizewinners for this round are:

  1. Timothy Li of Don Mills Collegiate Institute ($200)
  2. Leo Feng of Vincent Massey Secondary School ($100) 
  3. Spencer Whitehead of Lisgar Collegiate Institute ($50)
  4. Ahmed Sabie of Glenforest Secondary School ($50)
  5. Jeffrey Xiao of University of Toronto Schools ($50)

The junior division prizewinners for this round are:

  1. Christopher DeGuzman of Glenforest Secondary School ($50)
  2. William Huang of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($25)
  3. Siddhant Jain of University of Toronto Schools ($25)

Congratulations to all of you! These prizes will be distributed as Mastercard gift cards, and we will be contacting your teachers shortly about sending them out. If you haven’t won a prize, keep on practicing! We have many more prize opportunities for you throughout the year.

Click here to see the full contest results.