2017 Finals Results

The Woburn Challenge 2016-17 on-site finals was a great success! This year, we witnessed 10 schools battle it out for the title of Woburn Challenge champion. In the end, Jason Yuen and William Wen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School came out on top of the senior and junior divisions respectively. We truly hope that you enjoyed tackling all the problems which we have so carefully prepared with love. Thank you to all the helping hands that made this event possible, as well as contestants and teachers alike, who stayed with us through to the end of the season.

The senior division prizewinners are:

  1. Jason Yuen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School ($250)
  2. Brian Chau of Woburn Collegiate Institute ($200)
  3. Joey Yu of Thornhill Secondary School ($150)

The junior division prizewinners are:

  1. William Wen of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School ($150)
  2. William Fung and Sunny Lan of Richmond Hill High School ($100)
  3. Jeffrey Gao and Richard Yi of William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute ($75)

Congratulations! We would love to hear your feedback about how to improve for next year, so please send them to woburnchallenge@gmail.com. That said, we hope you enjoyed the last round of the season and look forward to bringing you many more exciting challenges in the years to come!

Full results, problems, and solutions are now posted here: woburnchallenge.com/past-contests