2018 Online Round 4 Announced

Hello Challengers!

Our 4th and final online round of the 2018 season will be held on Friday, April 20th, 2018 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm ET. If you participated last year, you must still complete this year's registration form using the link on the registration page but you can continue using the same PEG Judge username.) If you participated in online rounds 1 to 3, please use the same WCI PEG Judge username and there's no need to register again.

If you are new to the Woburn Challenge, you can visit http://wcipeg.com/contests to check out some of the past contests and familiarize yourself with submitting solutions to our online grading environment (the PEG Judge). It is also a good idea to try and solve some of the problems on the WCIPEG website in order to sharpen your problem-solving prowess!

The end is nigh, don't miss it!

P.S. Just a heads up that the on-site finals (by invitation) will take place in the middle of May. We have our sights set on Sunday, May 13th but this remains to be finalized. More details will be given after the 4th round is over, when invitations will be sent out.